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At Applied Optimization (AO), our first priority is addressing our clients’ needs. To realize the full extent of our capabilities and to ensure specific solutions for specific problems, we customize our technical solutions to customer needs. Our innovative solutions are designed to provide results when utilized in a client’s day-to-day processes.

AO primarily focuses in material science and space science. More information about our services and products can be found on the additive manufacturing page and the space science page.

AO Capabilities

Applied Optimization, Inc. is a company of dedicated engineers, mathematicians, and scientists. Our primary focus is interdisciplinary research in the following areas:

  • Physics
  • Astronomy
  • Materials science
  • Structural mechanics
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Signal processing

Our work is built upon interaction among mathematics, computer science, and other areas of computational science. We take pride in projects that utilize innovative, computational methods to model, emulate, and solve important application problems. This blend of mathematics and computer science includes:

  • Efficiency, accuracy, and stability of numerical computations
  • The development and maintenance of mathematical software
  • The effects of modern developments in computer architecture and networks