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Thermal Analysis (left) and Distortional Stress Analysis (right)

SAMP (Simulation of Additive Manufacturing Processes) simulates the temperature rise of a part throughout the blown powder additive manufacturing process. SAMP performs thermal-mechanical analysis of the build material as consecutive tracks and layers are being deposited. SAMP processes simulation data and allows specific data to be extracted such as thermal cycling data and stress history data.

SAMP performs preprocessing, using Lagrangian calculations to convert its simple user inputs into the detailed inputs required for thermal analysis. AbaqusTM then runs a thermal or stress analysis for each section of the deposited material and generates the resulting temperature profile. This automatic process of SAMP eliminates the tedious and impractical manual input process.


  • Intuitive input files
  • Generates 3D thermal results
  • Generates 3D distortion and stress results
  • Data extraction capabilites
  • Easy temperature data extraction


  • Hands-off automated simulation
  • Quick simulation time compared to experimental testing (on average 1-3 days)