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Contour Deposition

ParaGen (Parameter Generation) is thermal-fluid flow simulation software used to develop a detailed understanding of the deposition of individual tracks in the powder bed and blown powder metal additive manufacturing processes. ParaGen models track geometry, temperature, melt-pool solidification, fluid flow, and key dimensionless parameters for additive track deposition. Users can view a 3D image of the track and substrate deposited under specific parameters. With this information, users can determine if the selected parameters are suitable for a specific part. ParaGen is a quick and cost-effective alternative to experimental testing.

ParaGen solves the Navier-Stokes equations for a steady-state process. This simulation takes into account the various characteristics of the machine process to enable a detailed analysis of the deposition. It employs an automated iteration process that hones in on detailed track deposition data.


  • Intuitive input files
  • Visualization data for 3D thermal and fluid flow in the melt pool
  • Generates 3D distribution of solidification parameters
  • Generates track geometry as a function of deposition parameters
  • Generates dimensionless parameters to represent the melt-pool, thermal-fluid behavior (Reynolds, Stephan, Capillary, Bond, and Marangoni)


  • More cost and time efficient than experimental testing
  • Hands-off automated simulation
  • Simulation results help predict and mitigate build defects
  • Quick simulation time (typically less than 2 hours)