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ISEP (Initial Selection of Parameters in Additive Manufacturing) software is a steady-state, Rosenthal Solver-based simulation that narrows down the wide range of feasible deposition parameters for the blown powder process. ISEP implements solutions for three basic substrate geometry types—thin wall, thin plate, and thick plate. It performs an automated hands-off analysis of the deposition process to generate initial estimates of track formation data (e.g., track height, track width, and wetting thickness). Users can easily perform several hundred simulations to optimize the deposition parameters for a quick, initial analysis.

ISEP accounts for the equipment-specific deposition parameters in the setup of the blown powder process (e.g., the number of nozzles, their position and orientation to the laser’s location, and the standoff height). It interprets the prediction of melt-pool geometry in the context of user-defined parameters for the additive material, such as powder flow rate, re-wetting depth, clad thickness, powder efficiency, and other important track formation data.

A large number of ISEP parameter conditions can be run in a single, parametric simulation to narrow the optimal window for the deposition parameter set. This parametric simulation produces a results file containing process parameters, dimensionless position parameters, melt pool parameters, and other relevant dimensionless parameters for each parameter set specified. A single set of deposition parameters can also be run in ISEP to get additional detailed data for that parameter set. The detailed data includes a parametric file, isotherm data file, time-temperature data file, ISEP output file, and a file for 3D visualization of the results.


  • Thin-wall substrate analysis
  • Thin-plate substrate analysis
  • Thick-plate substrate analysis
  • General parameter data and melt-pool data
  • Isotherm data
  • Time-temperature data
  • 3D visual results through ParaView


  • Hands-off automated simulation
  • Initial parameter selection for additive manufacturing processes
  • Quick simulation time (within minutes)