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Applied Optimization (AO) has developed multiple software packages that focus on simulating additive manufacturing processes. Additive manufacturing (AM) is the process of building an object layer-by-layer (3D printing). 3D printing with metal can lead to a large number of defects and surface roughness issues that develop during deposition. These issues can greatly affect the integrity of the material.

Performing a trial-and-error process to minimize defects in a part can be expensive and time consuming. AO’s software can optimize deposition parameters to detect and avoid potential defects in a simulated part. Optimizing parts before they are built can save you time and money and increase the overall quality of your products.


The Additive Manufacturing Parameter Predictor (AMP²) is a process that Applied Optimization has developed to predict key deposition parameters to reduce the number of defects during the build of a part. This process incorporates a number of AO’s software to perform a multi-scale analysis of the build. More information.



The PowderBedSimulator software is a multi-track thermal simulator for powder bed processes. It uses two methods (layer-by-layer method or line-by-line method) to simulate the build and heat up of a part. More Information.


The Parameter Generation (ParaGen) software is a steady-state simulation software that optimizes machine parameters to mitigate build defects during powder bed and blown powder additive manufacturing processes. ParaGen simulates a variety of individual track deposition conditions in the interior of a layer geometry or adjacent to the free edges. More Information.


The Initial Selection of Parameters in Additive Manufacturing (ISEP) software is a steady-state program that begins the parameter optimization for the blown powder additive manufacturing process to compute melt-pool characteristics for a given set of deposition parameters. More Information.


The Simulation of Additive Manufacturing Processes (SAMP) software is a transient simulator that performs thermal and distortional stress analysis for the blown powder additive manufacturing process. More Information.